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     The Joint-Stock Company «JLC» is an enterprise of the transnational concern «JLC Group». At present «JLC» JSC is the largest dairy processing plant in the Republic of Moldova, as well as a recognized dairy products leader on the Moldovan market.


     The first production department of the milk processing plant from Chisinau was created in 1944 and it was situated on 160, Frunze str. (Columna str. now). The plant was producing butter and sour cream only at that moment. Later due to the carried out technical equipment it was extended the range of dairy products and was significantly increased the amount of the manufactured milk products. Initially the dairy products were destined for the Chisinau city area only. However the plant gradually gained the status of a republican milk factory and became the largest dairy processing plant in the former MSSR (Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic). In 1970 on the basis of the Chisinau milk plant it was created the «МОЛОКО» («Moloco») Association of Chisinau, which detained a network of dairy processing factories situated in the central part of the Republic at that moment. However, the plant did not possess sufficient area for increasing its producing capacity. This fact was determined by the fast growth of the milk amount that had to be processed and the amount of the milk products that had to be manufactured. Thus, in 1978 it was opened a new factory with a producing capacity of 500 tons of milk per day in the industrial area of the Botanica sector in Chisinau. In 1992 the «МОЛОКО» («Moloco») Association of Chisinau was renamed into the Association «LAPTE». On July 12, 2004 on the basis of the Association «LAPTE» it was founded the «JLC» Company via the process of privatization.
     At present the «JLC» JSC has a total area of 6,5 ha. The staff of the company consists of 845 employees, 113 of whom form the Department of Administration, 421 persons are involved into the commercial activity and 311 are employed in the production sector.


     The main activities of «JLC» JSC are the following:

  • raw milk collecting;
  • manufacturing and sale of dairy products;
  • production and sale of water and soft drinks;
  • development of new processing methods in the field of dairy and other types of products;
  • wholesale and retail trade via its own distribution network and via the retail trade enterprises from Chisinau city and from the country;
  • goods exchange, intermediary operations, trading and purchasing operations and other kinds of commercial operations;
  • foreign economic activity.


     The «JLC» Company has a high level of technical equipment, as well as a high organization for manufacturing products of high quality. The plant comprises the following production departments:

  • whole milk production department;
  • sour cream production department;
  • cottage cheese and curd products manufacturing department;
  • water and soft drinks production department.

     «JLC» JSC produces more than 80 kinds of dairy products and other types of products, all of them being of a high quality and being vended at a reasonable price. The products of the company «JLC» are manufactured according to the classical processing methods, which allow to preserve the freshness and the natural character of products.
     Among all the fermented milk drinks produced by the «JLC» company it should be remarked the sour milk «Prostocvașa» (Prostokvasha). This is a special product with healthful properties, which is known from ancient times. Due to its property to fortify the immune system «Prostocvașa» (Prostokvasha) is recommended to all the age groups of people, regardless of their state of health.
     The same extraordinary healthful properties have our fermented milk drink «Bifiton», the kefir and the bio yogurt «Delicato». These are «live» yogurts with excellent flavours, which contains lactic acid bacteria capable to restore the useful micro flora of the human body.
     «JLC» company produces 12 kinds of sour cream, as well as bio sour cream, which is enriched with bifidobacteria. Since the «JLC» sour cream is in great demand by сustomers, the amount of the manufactured sour cream has increased three times and represents at the moment 68% of the total amount of sour cream manufactured in the Republic of Moldova.
      The cottage cheese produced by our company is in great demand, as well. Remarkable is the granulated cottage cheese «Grăuncior», «Gingășie», «De casă», «Făguraș» of 4, 5 and 6% fat content and the degreased cottage cheese - «Fitness». The delicious cream mixed with the low-fat cottage cheese granules forms an unique source of сalcium, phosphorus and vitamins and represents a healthy and nutritive product.
     Apart the granulated cottage cheese, «JLC» company produces as well cottage cheese of 18, 5 and 2% fat content, which appear in different types of packages. The fat cottage cheese «De casă» becomes very popular among the customers, since this is a perfect product for preparing baked goods and other types of dishes. More and more popular becomes the salt curd mass of 20% fat content in packages of 250 gr.
     «JLC» JSC plans to extend the production of soft cheese and brining cheese, as well as of other kinds of dairy products, according to the demands of the customers.
      The main raw material for manufacturing dairy products is the cow milk, which is collected in the central and southern parts of the Republic of Moldova. The unpasteurized milk is delivered by population via an extensive network of milk collection points. The milk is also supplied by the company's 70 collection points and by the «JLC» milk farm from Rujnița (Rujnitza) village, the district of Ocnița (Ocnitza).
     In addition to the dairy products, «JLC» company offers the сarbonated and still water «YES», as well as soft drinks, kvass and ice tea. For producing these drinks the company uses the natural water of the underground lake, which is situated at 175 meters depth on the territory of the enterprise. The natural water undergoes one of the most advanced system of filtration and ozone treatment.
     It should be mentioned that «JLC» JSC is the official distributor of the hard pressed cheese imported from abroad, the main deliverer of which is the Dutch company «FrieslandCampina Cheese». This is a well-known producer of the «Frico» brand cheese and is one of the largest producers of cheese in the Netherlands and Europe at present.
     An active partner of «JLC» company in the production of yogurts is the German company «Ehrmann». It produces the yogurts «Jardi» at the special demand of the Moldovan company. Besides the amazing flavour, the delicious yogurts offer a true German quality at a reasonable price.
     «JLC» company performs the sale of its products via its own trading network, which consists of:

  • trademark shops in the city of Chisinau;
  • tardemark shops in the districts of the Republic of Moldova;
  • distribution centers in the city of Chisinau, in Cahul, Drochia and Orhei;

as well as via the network of supermarkets and small and medium-sized shops from the city of Chisinau and from the entire country.


     In the last three years «JLC» company has given a special priority to the technical equipment of the whole milk and cottage cheese production department. There have been installed devices and processing lines of high performance aimed at preparing for ISO 22000 confirmation (ISO 22000 is an international standard of the Management system in the field of food products safety).

Cottage cheese production department

     In the cottage cheese production department it has been accomplished the technical upgrade of the production equipment. As well there have been carried out capital repairs. Due to this the surface of the cottage cheese production department has been extended twice and the workshop was made a new entrance according to the HACCP demands.
     As well in the cottage cheese production department have been installed 6 cheese vats and 9 curd vats. The common total capacity of vats is of 52,2 tons of mixture, which is destined for manufacturing granulated cottage cheese and various kinds of curd products. The department was also equipped with an additional УПТ installation for cottage cheese pressing and cooling and with the automatic machine destined to proportion the cream and to pack the granulated cottage cheese into cups of 200 gr. The processing line Я90ПТ-5 destined for the continuous manufacturing of cottage cheese has been restored and brought into operation.
     Due to the processing methods that have been applied in the last three years the «JLC» Company has produced 5 kinds of granulated cottage cheese as: «Grăuncior», «Gingășie» (Gingashie), «Fitness», «Făguraș» (Fagurash) and «De casă» and 6 kinds of fresh cottage cheese and curd products.

Whole milk production department

     In the whole milk production department it was installed the automatic machine FINN PACK with a processing power of 500 tons of packed milk per hour. This allowed the company «JLC» to produce an amount of 1,2 thousand tonns of pasteurized milk in polyethylene packets of 1l per month. As well there have been installed the homogenizers TETRA ALEX, with a producing capacity of 5 tons of cream per hour, and TETRA PAK, which has a processing power of 5 tons of milk per hour. In the whole milk production department have been accomplished the capital repairs of the overpass, which is situated under the sour cream containers. As well the department was given a separate room for preparing mixtures of fats that are destined for manufacturing cream sour and curd products.
     Due to the modernization of the equipment and the applied processing methods the sour cream production has increased three times in the last three years and has attained the amount of 400 tons per month. «JLC» company has succeeded in producing the kefir with 2,5% fat content and milk with 3,5% and 6% fat content packed into triangular (tetra classic) packages of 0,5 l, the manufacturing of which attained 5 tons per day. As well the company succeeded in producing the new yogurt «Delicato» that comes in 4 different flavours: of apricot, melow, quince and mango.


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