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     «Incomlac» Joint-Stock Company is one of the largest efficiently working dairy plant from the Republic of Moldova. Nowadays this is a multifield processing enterprise with a highly qualified staff.
     The dairy processing plant from Bălți (Baltzi) was created in 1958 on the basis of the local butter and cheese producing factory, which was founded in 1949. In 1967 the Bălți dairy processing plant was reorganized into the association of milk plants and in 1994 into the Joint-Stock Company «Incomlac». At present the company is part of the transnational concern „JLC Group”. It should be mentioned that the enterprise is managed by highly qualified specialists who are capable to solve such issues as: the technical upgrade, the increase of competitiveness for the manufactured products, further growth of the sales volume.
«Incomlac» JSC is situated in the northen part of the Republic of Moldova, in the industrial sector of Bălți (Baltzi) city. The enterprise has a convenient geographic location, since the distance from the plant to the branch line is of 0,5 km, to the seaport Odessa is of 280 km and to the international highway is of 6 km. All the approach roads to the enterprise have a hard surface.
     The plant has a total floor area of 64 thousand sq.m. It possesses modern technical equipment that allow the enterprise to produce high-quality and competitive products. At the moment the manufactured products of
«Incomlac» company represent 21% on the Moldovan dairy market.
     The manufacturing base of the plant comprises:
- the whole milk production department;
- the cottage cheese production department;
- the butter production department;
- the ice cream production department;
- the skim milk powder and condensed milk production department;
- refrigerating chambers: +6˚С, with a total floor area of 432 sq.m.
- low temperature refrigerating chambers: from -5 to -25˚С, with a total floor area of 1814 sq.m.

     The main raw material for manufacturing diary products is the cow milk.
     The «Incomlac» company is one of the first enterprises from the Republic of Moldova that has organized the milk collecting from the population via collection points. At present the company has about 200 milk collection points and almost 35 thousand people as milk deliverers. Over the last years the enterprise has processed more than 45 thousand tons of milk per year.
     In order to vend its products, «Incomlac» JSC detains its own branch trading network, as well as:

  • network of trademark stores in Bălți city;
  • network of trademark stores in the districts of the country;
  • сommercial center (situated on the territory of the Balti dairy processing plant).

     «Incomlac» company produces more than 100 items of diary products. These are whole milk products, such as: pasteurized milk, fermented milk drinks (kefir, «reajenca»/«ryazhenka», «bifidoc»), sour cream, cottage cheese of different fat content, various curd products, a wide range of chocolate-glazed curd bars, curd paste and mass, butter and spreads. The plant produces as well more than 30 kinds of ice cream, skim milk powder (degreased and whole), processed cheese, fruit-berry fillers destined for own production and for sale to other manufacturers as well.
     The high quality of the «Incomlac» products has been confirmed within the framework of numerous and various exhibitions and contests.
     It should be mentioned that «Incomlac» JSC has been awarded with the State Prize of the Republic of Moldova for quality and competitiveness of the products five times. Thus it was given two diplomas of the first degree and three diplomas of the third degree.
     The enterprise was awarded with the Diploma for High Achievements in the field of the quality of production by the European Convention (Madrid, Spain).
     Over many years «Incomlac» JSC has taken part in the Republican contests organized by «Moldova-Standard». Here the quality of the ice cream and butter produced by the enterprise has always been highly appreciated.
     The kefir classic manufactured by «Incomlac» company was awarded with the diploma for quality within the framework of the Republican exhibition «Moldexpo».
     As well the company «Incomlac» was declared the winner of the super contest «The national trademark» that was organized by the newspaper «Komsomolskaya pravda».
     Another achievement of the enterprise is the award the company was given at the forum «Diary industry — 2010» that took place at Moscow in 2010. Within the framework of the contest «Diary succes» the spread «Deosebit» was given the golden medal and the sweet cream butter «Magnifico» was given the silver medal.
     In the current year of 2011 «JLC Group» company has given special priority to the ice cream manufacturing process. In this order the company carried out the modernization programme of the «Incomlac» ice cream production section. There have been installed high-productive manufacturing lines in total sum of more than 1 mln. euros. Two of the processing lines are destined for manufacturing ice cream in wafer cups and family-pack ice cream, and one for producing ice cream in wafer cones and ice cream rolls.
     The new equipment allowed the company to extend considerably the ice cream assortment, as well as to improve significantly the quality of the ice cream manufactured in wafer cups, as «Plombir», «Ceardaș», «Super Оriginal», «Joc», «Метелица» («Metelitza») and «Олександрия» («Alexandria») are. These ice cream are destined both, for the market of the Republic of Moldova, as well as for the market of the Ukraine.
     Among all the kinds of
«Incomlac» ice cream, «Super Оriginal» distinguishes as a Premium class ice cream. This delicious cold dessert is manufactured as an ice cream in wafer cups, as well as an eskimo ice cream, both kinds being covered with chocolate icing. «Super Оriginal» has either chocolate or Baileys liqueur topping.
     The company «Incomlac» has completed the series of the ice cream in wafer cups, the ice cream eskimo and the family-pack ice cream with new kinds of cold desserts, as the ice cream in cone «Cornuleț» and the ice cream roll «Delissimo».
     «Cornuleț» is an ice cream in wafer cone of 60g weight, which contains strawberry marmalade.
     Very soon «Incomlac» company will offer the ice cream in waffle cones of 75g weight - «Cornellito». The new ice cream will combine the creamy mixture and the fillers of strawberry, caramel or condensed milk. «Cornellito» will have the superior part nicely decorated and covered with one of the similar fillers.
     «Delissimo» - is a delicious ice cream roll that appears as:

  • an ice cream prepared from a traditional creamy mixture, being covered with a chocolate topping and strewed with almonds;
  • an ice cream prepared from either a chocolate or a cherry creamy mixture, being covered with a chocolate topping and strewed with almonds, as well;
  • an ice cream prepared from a traditional creamy mixture and egg liqueur, being covered with a choco-whisky topping and strewed with almonds.

     Due to the new equipment the company «Incomlac» has manufactured the new ice cream «Duelle», destined for the market of the Republic of Moldova, and «Дует» («Duet») destined for the market of Ukraine. The new kinds of ice cream are packed in an original manner - into rectangular containers, which are vertically covered with a colourful cardboard strip. The delicious «Duelle» and «Дует» («Duet») appear as strawberry vanilla ice cream, chocolate vanilla ice cream and pistachio vanilla ice cream.
     The staff of «Incomlac» company consists of 930 employees, 500 of which are involved into manufacturing sector and 260 persons into commercial sector.

It should be mentioned that in May 2012 «Incomlac» JSC achieved a record value for manufactured ice cream, and namely 38,8 tones per day. The achieved level of production was possible due to the modernization of the equipment in the ice cream manufacturing department, as well as due to the work in three shifts carried out by the personnel. 


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