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Monolit Construct SRL is a successor of Monolit S.A., the company that build approximately 60% of all concrete building in Chisinau during the Soviet time, including the Parliament building, Ministry of Agriculture, Cosmos Hotel, and City Gates residential complex. It was purchased by the JLC Group of Companies in 2007.

The Company is based in Chisinau, 169 Uzinelor street, where it has a territory of 7 ha and over 20000 square meters of productions facilities, warehouses, and logistical facilities that allow Monolit to complete projects of any scale.

The Company specializes in slipform construction and since 2007 build many buildings in Moldova. Recent projects among many others include Special Facility Warehouse for Radiological Waste Materials on Industrial Street in Chisinau, New Emergency block of the Emergency Medicine Hospital in Chisinau, Local Government Building in the city of Ialoveni, Cold Storage Warehouse for Logos Grup in Chisinau.

Monolit Construct team of professionals include five Certified Construction Professionals, including the CEO and manager Vasile Ungurean, who has over 50 years of construction experience. The team also has its own technical and technological departments providing professional back-office support.




 «Monolit» S.A. was a company that has a long-standing experience in the field of edifices and buildings construction. The company was founded in 1948 as the first construction trust in the Republic of Moldova. It performed the full range of construction and mounting works, activities of repair and reconstruction of residential and public buildings.
     In 1993 the construction trust was reorganized into the Joint-Stock Company «Monolit». At present this is one of the largest construction company on the market of the Republic of Moldova, detaining the necessary material resources and skilled specialists.

«Monolit» S.A. provided the following services:
I. Construction of edifices, residential buildings, social and cultural buildings (schools, hospitals, nursery schools) by using different types of construction materials: monolithic and prefabricated reinforced concrete, monolithic and prefabricated materials with the use of the construction falsework; stone, bricks, AAC blocks and other types of materials.
II. Outside and interior finish by using modern materials of a high European quality;
III. Reconstruction and heat insulation of buildings;
IV. Strengthening of bearing walls and equipment;
V. Production of a wide range of high-quality сonstruction materials and products:
- Concrete with chemical admixtures — B7.5; B12.5; B15; B20; B22.5; B25; B30 GOST 7473-94;
- Mortar for construction — M4; M50; M100; M150; M200 GOST 28013-98
- Mortar with lime;
- Mosaic stairs;
- Reinforced concrete products — a wide range of foundation blocks;
- Ventilating bricks made from reinforced concrete;
- Balcony railings;
- AAC blocks - M-35, M-50, kerbstones, paving slabs;
- Dry plaster blends «Monolit»/20kg, 40kg;
- Reinforcement meshes;
- Construction meshes;
- Reinforcement structures, angle iron;
- Embedded metal parts;
- Standard and decorative metal articles;
- Metal-based laminate /PVC/ and aluminium items;
- Adhesive «Monolit Universal» for porcelain;
- Adhesive «Monolit» for heat insulating systems;
- Adhesive «Monolit» for grit stone and faience.
VI. Provides a complex fulfillment of such works as:
- Development of projects and preparing of the equipment;
- Development of construction flow sheets;
- Drawing up of the cost accounting and cost prices;
- Fulfillment of the customer's duties.
VII. Services of indoor and outdoor warehouses on the railway line;
VIII. Freight services;
IX. Manufacturing of various construction materials.
X. Rent of equipment and facilities (small-scale mechanization).

Main achievements of «Monolit» S.A.
     During its activity «Monolit» S.A. had built a series of oustanding buildings that offer the city of Chisinau a remarkable architectural aspect. Among them are:
- 13-24 storey housing estate «Gates of the city» in the Botanica sector of capital,
- 13-20 storey housing estate on the blvd. Dacia (Botanica sector ) and blvd. Moscow (Riscani sector),
- Parliament House of the Republic of Moldova,
- Residence of the President of the Republic of Moldova,
- Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry building,
- building of the national telephone operator «Moldtelecom»,
- 22 storey hotel «Cosmos», 12 storey hotel «Zarya», hostel «Romanitza»;
- most of the high-rise buildings from Chisinau;
a series of buildings of social and cultural purposes: schools, nursery schools, stores, offices, banks, hospitals, polyclinics.

Quality in the activity of «Monolit» S.A.
     The high professionalism of the employees and the implementation of modern technologies allows «Monolit» JSC to strengthen its leadership position in the field of monolithic construction, as well as to build high-quality buildings and edifices.
     All the manufactured materials, products and items possess the certificates of compliance, since «Monolit» company has implemented and maintains the System of Quality Management in the following spheres:

  •  civil and industrial construction and mounting works;
  •  fabrication and commercialization of concrete and mortar, concrete articles, dry construction blends;
  • metal products;
  • wood, PVC and aluminium items;
  • commercialization of steel fibre reinforced concrete. 

     The Quality Management System was carried out in accordance with the International Standard ISO 9001-2008 by the certification body TUV Rheinland România SRL (RENAR). Number of the certificate — 75 100 20697/1 from 05.08.2008.
      In 2011 the certification was performed by the Certification Body of the Management Systems (CB MS) of the National Institute of Standardization and Metrology (НИСМ) of RM. The registration number of the issued certificate — SNEC MD MC01 210079-11 from 01.09.2011.
      On 1 January 2012 the staff of the «Monolit» S.A. comprised 204 persons.


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