JLC Dprint

JLC Dprint is one of the oldest German printing plants. The company was founded in 1923 by Richard Lucas and it remained Lucas GmbH up to 2008. The main type of activity of JLC Dprint is flexographic printing on packaging film and paper, gift wrap and paper and tissue paper, as well as processing of customer-supplied raw materials.

JLC Dprint performs preparation for flexographic printing:
The optimal preparation is the basis of high-quality printing. Upgraded printing plates, type-plates, and highly-qualified assembly system allow performing your order efficiently and cheaply. The internal supervision system of product quality provides permanent high quality of products.

Wrapping foil/paper
We produce and supply the film/paper with or without flexographic printing for your packages including the packages for foodstuffs. The high-quality film/paper prepared for packaging guarantees quick and efficient processing. The convincing result is based also on high-quality optical and technical properties of foil.

Gift wrapping foil/paper
Our standard program includes manufacture and packaging of high-quality gift wrapping foil and paper. The range of our products is very wide. The children patterns, fantasy, New-Year paper, different motives and directions developed by designers.
Our range also includes laminated and aluminum foil and paper with or without printing.

You may order the rolls of different dimensions (wide, narrow, short, long), roll paper, flat paper, and common paper for further processing.

Tissue paper for flowers packaging
The JLC Dprint Company has been one of the leading process plants manufacturing tissue florist paper for many years. The individual preparation and printing of designs and dimensions for florist paper presented by the customers is also one of our specialties.

Processing of your materials
On processing your materials we take into account the protection of loyalty and consumers’ rights. We also guarantee high quality on processing your materials.

Nowadays we have 3 Fischer Crecker six-color printing machines. The production volume of JLC Dprint amounts to 5 millions euros per year. The acquisition of a ten-color flexographic machine and increase of production and sale volume up to 15 million euros is planned for 2011.
The companies from Eastern Europe, Germany, the biggest Swedish company Duni (volume of orders of more than 1 million euros per year) and Swiss company Feldner (volume of orders of more than 500 thousand euros) are the biggest customers of JLC Dprint nowadays; the company also receives considerable orders from Holland, Belgium and Denmark.

The modern printing equipment and constantly growing experience of our employees meet the highest demands of innovative, high-quality flexographic printing.


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