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03.07.2016 - THE MYTH ABOUT UHT MILK UHT (ultra pasteurised).

There is a stereotype, that milk, packaged in tetra or fine pak, which has a long shelf life contains additions or preservatives. Sterilization of UHT milk – is carried out according to a method, which combines rapid heating up to 140°C followed by cooling to 25 °C. The technology of production of UHT milk in aseptic carton packaging does not imply the use of preservatives. Ultra-pasteurization is the most gentle processing, which allows the preservation of the organoleptic characteristics, composition and nutritive value of milk. When the product is boiled not only bacteria, but also vitamins are destroyed. In the process of pasteurization, the vitamins are preserved, and the bacteria are destroyed, (but spores remain). Therefore, pasteurized milk has a small shelf life: in its composition all the potential bacteria are destroyed. During ultra pasteurization bacteria and spores are destroyed, but vitamins are preserved, in other words the milk remains "alive". The taste of milk is even "fresher", because the processing and cooling time is reduced. Thus, milk can be kept in a closed package up to five months, even at the room temperature (not in refrigerator) without the need for a heat treatment. In 100 g of milk are:
Vitamin В2 0.2 mg
Vitamin В6 0.05 mg
Vitamin B7 3.2 mg
Vitamin В9 5 mg
Vitamin С 1.3 mg
Iodine 0,2 mg
Calcium 120 mg
Cobalt 0.8 mg
Magnesium 14 mg
Manganese 6 mg
Copper 12 mg
Molybdenum 5 mg
Selenium 0,2 mg
Sulphur 29 mg
Phosphorus 90 mg
Fluoride 20 mg
Chlorine 110 mg
Choline 23,6 mg
Zinc 400 mg.

As the milk contains vitamins and micronutrients in large quantities, it is healthy to people, who does not suffer from dysfunctions of the digestive system: it strengthens the bone structure and teeth. It has a calming effect on the nervous system, helps those, suffering from insomnia;
The stomach – get rid of heartburn, restores the mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum, and also reduces the acidity, which helps to prevent the development of gastritis and peptic ulcer disease;
Heart – reinforces the functions of the heart, prevents stroke and heart attack, due to the high content of potassium;
Normalization of body weight - the content of calcium helps to get rid of extra kilos, as it helps to cope with the lack of this element in the body and eliminates the need to compensate with the help of foods rich in calories.

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