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25.05.2016 - Margarine - a product of civilization

Margarine plays a huge role in the production of bakery and confectionery products. The quality of margarine affects not only the taste and flavor of the final product, but also the most important properties of the baked products.
Margarine is a product made from vegetable oil, with the addition of water, emulsifiers and flavorings.
Nowadays margarine is made from different types of vegetable fats, but animal fats are also used quite often. To improve the taste of the margarine, various flavors, like: milk powder, whey, salt, sugar, flavoring agents and other food additives are included.
Margarine is made from vegetable oil (rape, sunflower or corn) and contains nonsaturated fatty acids necessary for the human body.
Margarine for baking industry
«JLC» JSC offers you a group of various types of high-quality margarine for the production of a wide range of flour confectionery and bakery products. All margarine of the “EFKO” company is made according to GOST 32188-2013 "Margarine”. General technical conditions ", do not contain GMOs. The product range includes universal and specialized industrial margarines.
Assortment of margarine:
Margarine of MT brand- "Ekouniversal" and universal "Ekoplyus" - intended for the production of flour confectionery products: sugar, lingering, butter, oatmeal cookies; cakes; cupcakes; sweet bakery products. Margarine is made of the high-quality natural refined deodorized vegetable oils, their use doesn't demand change of the technological schemes and the equipment existing at the enterprises.
"Ekouniversal 1203-32" (m. d. Zh. - 82 %) – a universal margarine; has a high capacity for aeration (saturation of air), provides a good appearance of the finished product, a uniform porosity.
Specialized puff pastry margarine brand MTS "Ekoslays" (m d w -... 82%) is intended for the production of classic puff pastry, frozen puff pastry semi-products of yeast dough and dough without yeast.
The main function of "Ekoslajs" margarine is to isolate the layers from each other, not allowing them to stick together. Margarines "Ekoslajs" provide the effect of a pronounced stratification of the product, gives the product a creamy taste and aroma. Layers of the finished products acquire a fragile, crispy and very tender texture.
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