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31.01.2013 - «Jardi» market network offers You a wide range of new products!

«Jardi» market network offers You a wide range of new products! Do You want a tasty and inexpensive lunch without wasting Your invaluable time for preparation of various dishes? Now, this became possible! Jardi stores are ready to offer you the following types of dishes: Big Mac - 7.75 lei per unit; chicken chops – 15,30lei for 100g and home chops – 15,50lei;
Also here You can find empanadas and pancakes with cottage cheese - 8,40 lei per 100g; cottage cheese vareniki (Ukrainian dumplings) – 4,40 lei per 100g; vinaigrette (a salad which consist of beet, pickled cucumber, potatoes, carrot and onion) – 5,98 lei per 100g; zama (traditional rоmanian soup) – 16,80lei for 1 serving; boiled potatoes with dill – 2,99 lei per 100g; potatoes with mushrooms – 4,78 lei per 100g; buckwheat porridge – 2,62 lei per 100g; (fried) cutlets – 60 lei for 1kg; mini-lunch New Bucuria – 11,65 lei; boiled pelmeni (dumplings) – 4,98 lei per 100g; stuffed pepper (with meat and rice) – 72 lei per 1kg; rice with vegetables – 4,79 lei per 100g; chicken rolls with cheese – 16,10 lei per 100g; salad “Zimnyaya Lakomka” (Winter's delicacy) – 6,60 lei per 100g; salad with chicken and mushrooms – 9,97 lei for 100g; hot-dog – 6,50 lei per unit;
Visit us! We will be glad to present you a great variety of delicious dishes!

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