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     The first enterprise of «JLC Group» company was founded on 27 September 1991 in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, being named «Logos-Grup». The company provided publishing and printing services in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, as main activities. From 1995 «Logos-Grup» started to acquire shares of the large-scale manufactures of dairy products from the Republic of Moldova. By 2002 it became the majority shareholder of the JSC «Frigo», JSC «Lapte» and JSC «Incomlac». 

     During the year 2004 it was acquired the major regional producer of ice cream and dairy products from Ukraine - OJSC «Vita», located in the city of Bila Tserkva. Thus «JLC Group» company started its activity in Ukraine. 

     On 30 September 2004 took place the fusion of the joint stock companies «Frigo» and «Lapte», as a result of which was created the JSC «JLC». The new enterprise became the parent company of the JSC «Incomlac», LLC «Logos-Grup», LLC «Jardi», JSC «Luceafărul -Service », JSC «Vita» and JSC «Dacia-LV». 

     In 2006 it was accomplished the acquisition of the largest and oldest construction companies from the Republic of Moldova - «Monolit». The enterprise «Monolit» was founded on 14 May 1948. During its activity the company had created the modern architectural image of the city of Chisinau. 

     In 2007 «JLC Group» company acquired the flexography company in the city of Erkelenz, Germany, being named «JLC Dprint». As well in the city of Erkelenz it was founded the company «JLC Germany», the activity of which comprised the commercial sphere, real estate sphere and logistics. 

     At the end of 2007 it was acquired at a state auction one the largest transportation company from the Republic of Moldova - JSC «Zimbru-Nord». Thus, the company engaged in a new kind of activity, such as trucking. 

     In 2008 on the basis of the company's strategy regarding the business expansion and foundation of a transnational company, it was acquired the LLC “FoodMaster - Ice Cream Company”. This was one of the largest manufacturers of ice cream in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

     By the end of 2008 it was created the LLC «JLC Agro-Maiac» via its detachment from the parent company. At present «JLC Agro-Maiac» is engaged in crop production and livestock farming. 

     In 2009 «JLC Group» acquired the dairy plant from Taldy Kurgan, Republic of Kazahstan, entitled LLP “JLC Sut”.

     On September 2010 the OJSC «Vita» from Ukraine was renamed into PJSC «JLC-Ukraine» on the basis of the decision of the shareholder meeting.

     Since 2012 «JLC Group» has expanded through the acquisition of a dairy factory in Romania - SC «Prodlacta» S.A., Brasov, which is located in a unique location of a mountainous region of Transylvania and it is the first producer of dairy products on the territory of Romania.

     At present the «JLC Group» company comprises the following enterprises: JSC «Incomlac», LLC «Logos-Grup», LLC «Jardi»,  JSC «Luceafărul-Service», OJSC «JLC-Ukraine», JSC «Dacia-LV», JSC «Monolit» , «JLC Dprint», «JLC Germany», JSC «Zimbru-Nord», LLP "FoodMaster - Ice Cream Company", LLC «JLC Agro-Maiac», LLP «JLC Sut», SC «Prodlacta» S.A. The mentioned companies are involved in the manufacturing of dairy products, ice cream, butter, powdered milk, mineral water, glaze, agricultural products; in the manufacturing of building materials, concrete; as well provide all types of construction works and render transportation services of goods within the Republic of Moldova and in the countries of Asia, Europe and Middle East.

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