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29.11.2012 - JLC Corporation is searching for labor force from Vietnam

JLC Corporation, with the headquarter in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova is searching for labor force from Vietnam to work in agricultural field in the Republic of Moldova. JLC offers 100 ha of its own private fertile land to every family (2 pers.). The main activity comprises gardening, fruit-growing, horticulture and animal breeding. JLC will rent the land to Vietnamese families for a period of 25 years for free, without any monthly rent. The target of this project is to develop agriculture and animal breeding in the Republic of Moldova with the help of Vietnamese labor force.

After 25 years the families will obtain the right of property for the rented territories.

For more details please contact our manager: Elena Jardan, head of the international economic relations department of JLC, e-mail:, skype: evjardan, tel/fax: 0037322636870.

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